About VRSS

Company Background

Vanguard Reservoir Surveillance Services LLC. (VRSS) was established in 2006 in the Sultanate of Oman and is 100% Progressive Omani owned company. The company specialises primarily in selected oilfield services related to cased hole logging and gravel pack deliverables. The technologies developed are under the umbrella of well integrity in this current climate of ageing wells; High Temp 600F Production/Injection tools and Surface Steam Quality testing for the purpose of monitoring enhanced oil recovery efficiency. VRSS owns integrated Electric line Logging Units with Crane and Associated 10K Pressure Control Equipment as a standard. Research and development is at the forefront of the company as it develops custom designed logging tools. The main headquarters is in Muscat and operational base in Nimr with a state of the art calibration facility. The company holds a prestigious record by successfully completing 1350+ corrosion evaluation jobs and other well integrity diagnostics operations in the Middle East region.


Vanguard Reservoir Surveillance Services LLC. has recently been awarded 5+2 year contract with Petroleum Development Oman to provide thermal and corrosion logging services. PDO contract start date is the 1st December 2016, with an option for 2 year extension. Additionally, awards were received from Petroleum Development Oman, Petrogas and CCED to perform gravel pack services till 2021.


Research and development are at the forefront of our strategy. Recently, Vanguard built an advanced calibration workshop in our operational base in Nimr, the Sultanate of Oman. The calibration facility enabled us to study the corrosion logging tool behaviour using various well completions and pipe defect scenarios. Having a full set of commonly used API standard pipes provides an opportunity to test the tools on pipes with different properties and sizes. Taking into account that interpretation of multi-barrier corrosion log is rather complex, understanding the signal behaviour of a corrosion tool is crucial to provide a client with reliable and consistent data to take the right decision in regards to a well status. Calibration workshop can be set up for spectral noise logging that helps better understand the noise tool behaviour in various well conditions.



Vanguard holds a vast knowledge in corrosion logging services by   having successfully completed 2000+ corrosion logging jobs in the Middle East, let alone other conventional production logging and leak detection services. Having established an efficient workflow, VRSS strives for customer satisfaction and continuous performance improvement.


VRSS is ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2018 and 45001:2018 certified company and is an approved member of Oman Society for Petroleum Services. VRSS received ‘Certificate of Approval’ from JSRS to connect to the oil and gas business community.