Corrosion & spectral noise log. EDSN combo tool
reservoir flow analysis, spectral noise logging, SNL, noise log in SRO
Reservoir flow analysis. SRO PLT in combination with spectral noise logging

Why proactive corrosion logging helps save time and money

corrosion in 7 inch scab liner


With a growing number of ageing wells, multi-string corrosion logging becomes an important aspect of proactive well integrity diagnostics. Corrosion log, done with a pulsed electromagnetic tool (EMDS) enables thru-tubing corrosion monitoring of the  well tubulars in a single run. Corrosion log can be performed during standalone operations with a tubing being in place and should be particularly run in the wells, which failed shut-in test (SIT) prior to workover operations.

Due to time pressure and costs associated with drilling and workover operations, knowing the condition of the casings enables better planning for remedial actions. Corrosion logs, conducted during workover may sometimes reveal the corroded casings (scab liner) that requires immediate replacement. Unexpected findings may not be in line with routine re-completion operations and entail extra costs associated with downtime and pipe supply issues. The illustrated corrosion log was conducted with EMDS tool, by Vanguard Reservoir Surveillance Services (VRSS). For more information, visit