Welcome to Vanguard Reservoir Surveillance Services LLC (VRSS)


Vanguard Reservoir Surveillance Services LLC. sets a primary focus on well integrity diagnostics by providing corrosion logging, spectral noise, and cement evaluation services. Having an advanced calibration facility enables VRSS study the pulsed electromagnetic defectoscopy and leak detection with spectral noise tool in detail and deeply understand the technology by creating real simulations of various well completions and pipe defects. Additionally, VRSS provides high temperature logging services for steam injection projects, steam quality testing and gravel pack services. Vanguard uses flexible business strategy by supplying own wireline trucks and equipment, by renting the equipment or by performing the jobs jointly with other well service providers.


VRSS utilises the surface readout technology and provides a number of conventional cased hole logging services, namely, production logging (PLT), fast-response thermometer, ultrasonic flowmeter, multi-string corrosion logging, spectral noise and cement bond logging. With a goal to tackle complex well integrity issues, VRSS developed combinable tools that allows selecting the appropriate sensors in accordance with job objectives. Vanguard has got onboard an experienced data analysis team that works 24/7 to deliver the results in a timely manner. At present, VRSS successfully completed 1300+ corrosion and other well integrity related jobs in the Middle East region.


With growing number of ageing wells, well integrity becomes a global concern and a top priority. Statistics shows that more than 40 % of wells have some sort of integrity issues. Proactive well integrity diagnostics can mitigate risks and identify failures which may lead to environmental disasters and loss of lives. Timely well integrity diagnostics helps prevent costly well intervention operations and operational disruptions. Allocation of well integrity failures can be a challenging task considering that most of conventional tools have limitations in terms of depth of investigation and measuring capabilities. Vanguard uses multi-string corrosion evaluation tool (EMDS) which enables thru-tubing screening of up to four concentric pipes. Additionally,considering the challenges with spectral noise logging, Vanguard developed the real-time (SRO) spectral noise logging tool which can be combined with electromagnetic defectoscope for more detailed well integrity diagnostics. Having tools in surface readout mode offers numerous advantages over the memory tools in terms of control and job flexibility, data repeatability and precise failure allocation in less time.


VRSS offers solutions for the wells affected by unnecessary sand production. Vanguard provides over the top gravel packing in an underreamed open hole completion utilising slotted liner or sand screens.


Vanguard RSS provides a bundled service package necessary for enhanced oil recovery efficiency measurement using steam injection. Along with thermal logging, VRSS offers steam quality testing services using specially designed steam quality tester unit. The steam quality tester records the input and output data necessary to analyse and optimise the steam injection operations.